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Late uploads

2015-09-29 17:09:29 by AFF14

Well...this is embarasing, but i only have to say *a few thousand times by now* sorry, mainly because...i dont know what to say, because i have been working in a lot of stuff, buyt i can really show you anything new, so sorry :/ and any promises from the past...dont even bother to ask, none of em are yeah...sorry

Hell yeah finally!!

2015-08-07 13:00:20 by AFF14

Well, after a loong time being offline (or at least not uploading nothing) here ill upload my main reason:

as you see on my contact info(and another post i made) i finally opened mein youtube channel, but then i forgot a youtube channel need videos!!! XD nah, i were out of my usual uploads coz i was testing recording program, getting a better and a real microphone, and so on because i didnt really have anything well configured to record, so all this days i have been config mein pc for recording videos, as long as these sound well, becuase i have all i need now, but my voice hears really weird in the micro, so dont get scared, coz i dont speak english XD and by the, Stay tuned i will soon upload a video showing some unfinished stuff and i want YOU to tell ur opinions about it, mostly coz im not gonna finish all of em, and i may be reapeting the other post but....oh hell, just take as an announcement that im ready to get back to what i usually did

so....See ya

Mein youtube channel...

2015-08-03 11:05:51 by AFF14

well... i don know if u checked but i finally made a link in the contact websites that goes to my youtube channel, i do this... well i got a few reasons but i do it mosly because i dont wanna spam newgrounds with a lot of unfinished stuff, so i will be recording viideos showing all the stuff i didnt had the time  to finish, and the i want peoples opinion about what i should finish and what should go forever, other reasons for this is because my vacations are getting over and so on comes al the computer made, homeworks and other things like that...i can belibe my 1Tb disk is getting full DX, so anyways, stay tunned to mein youtube channel, i upload a few things in there i dont want to upload in here (mostly because, here i wanna upload only finished stuff, ive never been on Work In Progress uploads)

AY Caramba! fellas!!

2015-07-08 10:53:36 by AFF14

Heh hello!! wacha doin fellas? finally back from mein trip to mexico!!!


Heheh...ohhh my god i hate planes DX ohhh bueno....

i have been doing some stuff in fl and finished a few projects recently...

and a "some-how" cheap remix from one my most older songs so...u got 4 things to chek now XD

oh well... something bad is that im really having trouble recently.....i holy god demm really need a new computer DX ya fellas!!

Fun fact: no i didnt eat tacos!!! Asi que bye compadres!!!

Soam Small Changes

2015-06-21 16:39:16 by AFF14

hey fellas!!! i have been up to nothing in meanins of upload...anyways is coz i benn drawing on "the next level" i have been speding a REALLY LONG time in a single drawing wich may have a "final full qualty" no lies this time, it will have a really good qualty(at least in my opinion) so i just made this post to tell soam stuff from the last news post:

-frist of all heres a preview of the drawing i was talking of:


this is just(like always) a part of the full drawing it looks in pixels coz is a really big image i drawed in a notebook and later scaned to ma drawing program, also i have been working part to part in really small details, for example the shadows the eye and the skin, tell me the truth it looks coll huh? (by the way,first of my drawings in color!!! XD)

-oh and remember the kumiho model preview? i guess im not finishing that one for now, im done triying to model its damm legs -_-!

-other of the drawings there arent finished yet, as i said up there, im focusing in the drawing of the top but these ones will be finished too :)

-right now im focusing on FL abandoned stuff and that drawing so any 3D models i may have promised or not.... well, they will be not uploaded for now coz ima cleaning ma computer from A LOT of abandoned projects (blender,SAI,Maya,flash8,Unity and even M.U.G.E.N sutff)

by the way, i may be out for the next week, im taking a vacation trip to another country(hell yeah finally!!)

and one last thing.....remember ma dead game?(im still regreting all that hours of job let waste) 

well ima triying something new engines for games(like maya,unity and even Unreal engine 4 {wich is now free!!!})

owowowowowo almost forgot, im almost finishing the E.S.O so gotta get ready to work DX

well life has to go on, doesn´t it? ya fellas................oh and (holy crap SHUT THE $&#% UP ALREADY) i may upload some books on the writing forums....So...

See ya fellas ima getting a snak, im diying of hunger XD


Soam random newgrounds person!!







WEEEEEEELLLLL... hello people i have maybe been....totally dead, and when i can come here i got...."what a surprise" BAD NEWS, hmmm this post will be really longer so lets get started as far as we can, ordered by parts we got this: 

BAD NEWS: you remember the game i was working on? this is what we have got:


NO, im not liying this time, TT_TT the game i was working on ( i was really working on it i swear it!!) somehow, when i decided to change my old windows XP to windows 8 somehow, blender did open...but the game did not....and so on all we can do is to sit here and cry....all the efforts gone... sorry TT_TT i cant do anything, and actually is frustrating because is not the game, is actually the game engine that was running the game that doesnt work on windows 8 i was really hoping to find a solution when i saw it, but....nothing...unafortunely i cant make games anymore.....

-in other bad news...well remember one of the posts i told everyone that somehow "java-script" got "UN-activated"? well i got the same problem a few days ago, hopefully i know the solution for this problem, but its really persistend and dont allow me to post frustrating.....

-other bad news.....(like always and for everyone of my age) is that, i dont got time to upload every thing i do, because of the school...and by now, my "Half time" got cuts into another half because were in final exams so i gotta keep up everything (or at least try XD)


-as may you know im like a monk, averytime i go away, i came with new skills!!!! but......what skills?



FRIST OF ALL; no is not a bunch of lines, is my best lineartwork by far, but this is just a Fragment of the full image because is really big ( and i dont want to spoil the upload, do i? ;) )

and also, my 3D modelings skills...if i can presume, have improbed A BESTIALLITY, no im not exagerating...



YUP, Kumiho, a dreamy powerfull ninetails creature, i was working of this for...well almost 2 weeks by now, i havent modeled the legs yet( well, the legs are done, but needs smoothing) if you can se, no more rough edges, and also, yes its borders look extrange, but its because this is far from over, i still need the legs, and not, A LOT of smoothing, texturing (or coloring, as you call it XD) and also, the final render is going to have a "toon" im still triying to manipulate, also the final render will load some light effects and will have a X16 anti aliasing, soooo......there is still A LOT to be done, but hey!! what do you think about this? im really skilled or not? =P

By the way, other meanings of my ausence is because im working in a web page for my school ( im reconized as "the hacker" of all my companions, so im the only one that can do it XD)

so....there you revived...JUST LIKE YISUS XD

oh and, here you go a little "spoiler" of what im working on:


YUP, i have been improving my skills drawing anime...hehe i can finally draw hands!!! XD(THIS IS JUST A REALLY LITTLE PART OF THE FULL IMAGE, AND ITS REALLY RAW) you can see, i wasnt liying missvirus, my auscence was worth the wait!!! XD

by the way, everyone here check the full picture of the tiger in my art page, i promise is really cool (if i can presume) you go...A REAAAAAAALLY long post, so if you are reading this.....

See ya in next update friend!!! =P 





something cool for u people!!!

2014-12-04 17:34:32 by AFF14

well well well...HELLO =D o got something really cool for u guys:

for the ones that follows me for my art( is doubtfull that someones follows me for the "music" XD) i got something really cool to now "GO TO FULL POWER" what is it? well, i got this little toy over here:


yup, my father noticed my skills and decided to buy THIS THING oh...and if you dont know wath is.............

IS A DRAWING TABLET!!!!! (i cant show you a picture of the one i have, but is identical to this one and i swear you i have one)

but what this means?

well.......have you seen the other drawing i uploaded?(the real one)


fun fact: if you want to know why im visiting newgrounds more ofthen, because my game dont open anymore DX.....well...destiny wants me here, uploading for u folks!!!

so....see ya XD

HELLO? and sorry :3

2014-12-01 18:45:22 by AFF14

ok ok ok i know the upload rate of EVERYTHING got reduced to -0%

-yes i know, game updates sudenly sttoped

-yes i know, audio updates just crashed in the floor 

-YES i know, art submisions just disapeared.....

here i am again (with the tails in middle of the legs) to say.................

to say..........................................................................

OK OK OK NOW STOP JOKING XD well here i am again and like usual i havent upload anything yet

if you are asking the reason.....the reason is this:


yup, i finally got myself a new game and i havent put my skills in practique like always, but dont worry, its not because im done uploading, just because this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!! addicting game (and if you readed my short BIO its says im a compumaniac and a videogames fan XD) so here is the reason of my......lazyness XD

by the way, no i havent uploaded, but there are A LOT of things i still want to do.....oh and i have a question:



2014-11-28 17:27:15 by AFF14

o well may everyone who got time to wach the flash ive updated, noticed it got deleted.....but the question is why? when i chequed it didnt have any negative calification....o well i was just a frist try so i gues im not in the movie portal in a frist try XD gotta try harder =D


2014-11-22 12:56:40 by AFF14 i am again to say HELLO!! XD anywas this time i didnt came with another game update, and i have to say sorry DX but anyways i just maked this post to tell everyone whos looking foward to the game that i not canceling it, what i mean is:

-i have been busy with studies...finding a job and all that stuff, so i havent got any time to work on the game, and the other stuff i upload, so i havent got anything new from the last update :( 

anyways i saying "im not gona cancel it" because someone migth have lost his hope in the ame making proces XD